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Mark Fore's picture

This is awesome! The toning is wonderful! Is this a composite?

Jaime Ibarra's picture

Yes, much of my work is composited. And thank you :)

Dennis Ramos's picture

Great to see this old favorite of mine!

Jaime Ibarra's picture

Thank you :)

Andrew Yianne's picture

Great tones!

Jaime Ibarra's picture

Thanks :)

Patrick Hall's picture

Awesome photo but I have to ask, how did this style of watermarking come about? This looks very......Dani Diamond maybe?

Jaime Ibarra's picture

It is just my logo I've been using for the past 10 years or so

Saurabh Anjarlekar's picture

Fab image. Can you share before and after of this awesome image. cheers.

Bo Bickley's picture

Jamie what a stunning image. Nice to be able to enjoy your excellent work.

Anonymous's picture

Awesome image!

Paul Ciura's picture

Colors are spot on for me. Great execution and mood.

Jaime Ibarra's picture

Thank you :)

Troy St. Louis's picture

Awesome shot! Love the colours!

Jaime Ibarra's picture

Thanks :)

Will Phillips's picture

Love it! Great composition

Jaime Ibarra's picture

Thank you :)

Willian Silveira's picture

I really loved everything in this image!
Colors, composition, framing... all awesome!


Jaime Ibarra's picture

Thank you :)

Eivind Von Døhlen's picture

Wonderful! Love the colours you have been using here!

Jaime Ibarra's picture

Thanks :)

Anthony Ojo's picture

So cool!!

Andrew Warner's picture

Beautiful! Great job with this image, I really like the color grading.

Jaime Ibarra's picture

Thank you :)

Josh Eskridge's picture

Exquisite work!

George Popescu's picture

Breathtaking photo, very inspirational, love the small details as well as the beautiful scenery in the background.

Kidizin Sane's picture

very inspiring!

Luca M.'s picture

stunning vision!

Felix Inden's picture

Great title and such a moody work of yours... love it

Jaime Ibarra's picture

Thanks Felix :)

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