Waffle Sandwich by Mario Olvera
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Waffle Sandwich

Campaign done for "La Casa del Waffle" here in México.

This was a real challenge for the production part, the jam need to be thrown in the air and frozen with the camera so it could be plane so the cheese, i was really fun haha, when throwing the jam in the air it sounded like slapping a but when i went down lol

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Paul Lindqvist's picture

Love it! Very nciely done! Every thing shot separately and then comp, in post ?

Mario Olvera's picture

Thank you Paul! Yeah exactly like that. Here you can watch the process for better understanding


Paul Lindqvist's picture

Cool, thanx for sharing!!

Stas Aleksandersson's picture

Awesome image!!! Really like it.

Mario Olvera's picture

Thank you!!

Doug Rathburn's picture

Very nice!

Mario Olvera's picture

Thank you Dough!

Jamal Mubarik's picture

You make me hungry. Great light. It is well lit with good contrast.

Mario Olvera's picture

Heheh thank you so much man :)!

Yogendra Singh's picture

great, what type of retouching is done here?

Mario Olvera's picture

Hi Yogendra! You can see the process here!


Yogendra Singh's picture

I saw that, It showed only the compositing part not the retouching part.
It is too brief. Kepp up the good work. It is very inspiring.