Neesy's Expose Fashion  by Craig Spratt
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Neesy's Expose Fashion

Being creative with my shoot with Neesy Rizzo in Charlotte, NC in the downtown area, I was able to use some new toys for my Canon speedlite at the time. I decided use some light modifier from to create some unique light patterns for this set. I also wanted to use my (at the time) newly Sigma 35mm ART lens along with my Canon 5d Mark iii. I love this wide open aperture shot.

The fact that the light source (thanks to the MagMod adaptor piece) is mainly focus on Neesy's body, and the background is your basic natural light. To me, the blur is a lovely touch around her hair and body, and adds a nice artistic touch to the photo.

Of course it was windy that day, and I definitely like how Neesy's hair was captured. This is definitely one (of many) of my favorite photos of Neesy from the photoshoot.

35mm · f/1.4 · 1/1250s · ISO 250
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