Sydney Sunrise by Kieran Stone
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Sydney Sunrise

Shooting iconic locations can feel like you're adding a single drop to the immense ocean of other photos taken from the same place. Post processing allows for limitless creativity and potential while still staying true to the feel of these deservedly popular landmarks. This photo is a 1/100sec exposure but thanks to creative blur tools it has a golden long exposure look to it.

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JJ Photography's picture

Wow! I'm lost for words. This is breathtaking‚ô• I love the effects of the clouds & sun rays.

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Thank you! You can see how it's made at

JJ Photography's picture

Thank you xo LOL @ elevator music. This was funny and yet very insightful. Have added you to instagram.

J P's picture

beautiful! Love the movement yet so relaxing to look at

Kieran Stone's picture

thank you!

stephen brownhill's picture

this is such a great shot :) , long the different directions of the LE in the sky and on the water, plus awesome colour

Russell Hunter's picture

The Sydney Harbour has been shot to death. But this image provides a fresh perspective. I really like it Kieran.