Daze. Look long enough and it might leave you in one. A retro fashion style portrait created using a homemade prop that’s designed to distort light around the subject. Zero digital manipulation, shot using only available light in a trendy neighborhood in Dubai.

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Hi Ody's picture

I very much appreciate the fact this photo was created by nothing more than the photographers skill using a camera and the equipment used to create it. for me it is true photographic skill.
While I sometimes like images created using post processing, to me that is the work of an artist, not a photographer. Having said that, I truly believe you have to be an artist to be a good photographer, a dream I am yet to achieve :-(

Harsha Pandav's picture

Thanks for such kind feedback Ody, I appreciate you writing in. I hope you keep shooting! :)

Pho To's picture

Crazy awesome! What homemade prop did you use?