The Twilight Zone - Will the Real Martian Please Stand by Michael Smiy
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The Twilight Zone - Will the Real Martian Please Stand

May 14, 2017

This is a composite scene from one of my favorite Twilight Zone episodes, "Will the Real Martian Please Stand".

I shot talent on grey seamless, then composited into the scene. The backplates are from an old diner I found.

Produced by Austin Sepulveda

Make-up by Courtney Christina

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Photo is spectacular! The only thing that is throwing me a little is the forehead in the eye. I feel it needs a bit more of a bottom lid or something. Kind of has a "soft-brush" masked-in look on the bottom right now. Love the photo though!

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Valid point. It was a trick composite, as usually an eyeball is inset in a socket. The forehead is the opposite of that, bowing out. Maybe should have painted more dimensionality into the lid perhaps.

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Nice Work !