Jess by Evan Kane
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May 18, 2017

I'm posting this one as a throwback today because while yesterday was 70 degrees and warm, there is a blizzard outside right now. Heavy, wet, snow. If there is one thing that can't be said about Colorado's transition from spring to summer, it's that it is consistent. One day it's summer and the next it's winter, you never know what's going to happen this time of year apparently! This image was taken with natural light overhead, at one of my fav parks in town. The braided hairstyle is my favorite thing about the whole set, I think it works so well!

85mm · f/2.8 · 1/200 · ISO 250
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Very cool portrait! :)

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thanks so much!

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Adding to Abz's remark, she looks remarkably comfortable in her body; this is rarer than people might think.