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May 22, 2017

Did this dancers portrait with Alina & Dave on the attic above my flat.
Nikon D810 with a very old AI-s 20mm Nikkor. Light from above with a 150cm Octa and a Jinbei DC1200 Porty single head.

50mm · f/5.6 · 1/80s · ISO 64
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Love it. Took a second but I thought the guy had wings when I first saw it... if that wasn’t your intention I’m going to shoot that soon lol.

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Hey :-) Thanks ! I did several variations - one of them was a wing like composition of the hanging laundry... but in the end I did like the original non-symetrical order. I think would only fit better a single person in frontal pose..
3 Variations (I even made an laundry in equal tones, but I think it lost something... at top is the final image, without any changes to order or brightness): https://assets.adobe.com/link/157cbeef-ec92-4df2-57bf-f88d8ceba85d

Michaela Alusikova's picture

beautiful, love everything about it!

Borys Las-Opolski's picture

Thank u very much !

Jostijn Ligtvoet's picture

Beautiful composition and toning.