Vestrahorn by Marco Calandra
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During my trip in Iceland I took the opportunity to visit beautiful places.
A few hours before the sunset I headed to Vestrahorn, one of Iceland's most photogenic mountain that rise on a lagoon next to the sea.
Since the wind was calmer, a great reflection was visible on the water.
I made a panoramic shot during the last sunrays, that were tinging the mountain with red shades.

15mm · f/10.0 · 1/2s · ISO 100
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Ryan Mense's picture

I love how the overall photo is strong and simple — foreground, mountain, and sky — but each of them is rich with finer details. Nice work!

Marco Calandra's picture

Thank you so much for commenting my photo. I am really glad that you like it! Have a nice day

Thomas De Franzoni's picture

Amazing tones, love it!

Marco Calandra's picture