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Hello Everyone! I am starting with the picture that I specifically travelled to China for, inspired by the work of Trey Ratcliff and Nick Page.

We booked a 3-day photo tour in the Guilin area in China with Gatsby Travel. It was a world-class experience and our guide took us to the best locations for sunrise and sunset shooting. More works from the trip, which included Longji rice terraces and session with cormorant fishermen, will follow.

This is a panorama photograph taken during the sunset from one of the mountain peaks south of Guilin. It has been stitched from 8 portrait HDR shots, consisting of 5 exposures each. Processed with Nik Collection in Photoshop CC.

For more work, please follow my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/hypspl/

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Welldone Rafal and congratulations for POTD!

Guilin is in my bucket list for long time. Did you shoot the fishermen too?

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Yes, I did a session with fishermen and some other brilliant locations in the area. I will be posting more photos with the story behind taking them here, but you can also follow me on 500px https://500px.com/rafalhyps/ and Facebook.

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I love the photo, how did you manage to compress the image?,I mean, I know you strecth it out a little bit, but that was it? I went to the exact same location a year ago, also with Trey's photo as inspiration, I was kind of sad though when I realized that Trey had altered the scene so much, I was hoping to see the same scene, but in any case, the original scene was as fantastic as the fake one, great work, love your photo

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Two interesting subjects that you have raised here.

1. This scene must be photographed as panorama and it has to be squished in postprocessing. This is all I did - I squished it a little, otherwise it would be too wide and flat. The other technique was HDR to get the depth of colours, contrast etc.

2. I have scrutinised the photo of Trey to understand why it is so different. My suspicion is that his panorama software has done some funny things to the picture there and he left it as it was. Basically in his work, the middle section of the scene is partially removed and the peak and village from the right hand side move to the middle. And it is not really stitched nicely when you look into the detail so I doubt it was purposely done.

See the picture of Nick Page as well, it's even better!

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I definitely will check Nick Page's, I replicated Trey's version, he did cut some parts, and inverted the image, and warped the peaks, if you want to check out my version you can find it on 500px or also you can find it on my portfolio web page if you like, www.cesar-mendez.squarespace.com; it is not as near as good as Trey's, in fact I almost never show that image

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I just looked at Nick Page's photos and is just pretty amazing stuff!! thanks for the tip