Mad Mom by tiffany griffith

Photo Details: ISO 400 145mm F2.8 1/100sec
Shot with Canon 5D Mark II and a 70-200mm USM II 2.8 canon lens

This photo has been something that my MUA and I have wanted to do for a couple months now. The model we chose was my neighbor who has 3 kids and is a stay at home mom. She was perfect. This is why I named the photo Mad Mom. The place we shot this was a little Tea house in Dixon CA that was extremely excited that I asked to do the project there. The set up was perfect. I used one soft box with my off camera flash set up. This was the first project I have done that came out exactly how I envisioned it. You don't need a MUA and model that has 31k followers to make something amazing. This mom literally never gets to leave her house because she has 3 kids and her husband is an Active Duty military member. She was the perfect Mad Hatter.

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