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Zion Entrance

I found this spot after doing a little bit of exploring. This shot was taken just outside of Zion National Park, up on a hill, overlooking Springdale and the entrance to the canyon. I had been hunting for a more original location to try and shoot Zion, since you know, the place is pretty popular and there aren't many things that haven't already been photographed in that place.

I ended up just crossing the river and started hiking up the hills into the landscape simply trying to find a decent vantage point of the area. It took me a little bit, but I found this hill that took me high enough were I ended up with this amazing viewpoint of the entire area!

Just goes to show, sometimes it's really worth exploring without a solid plan in mind, but simply the idea of the kind of shot you want to discover! Discover, that's definitely the word for it. I had no idea this shot was out there, until I walked into it, quite literally.

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