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Mother Earth always wins...

Compositing made with pictures from my trips. The best thing about taking your own stock pictures is firstly the quality, you have RAW's to manipulate the way you want them, tons of pixel info! Second, when you are taking the pictures, you can decide the angle, farther or closer the shots. So this was an experiment and exercise to learn more about compositing dealing with different problems to solve and understanding better how the physical world works so that way i can reacreate any scene i have in mind. I'm still learning everyday but with the constant practice the mistakes get reduced everytime and the creativity is expanded by optimizing the times by solving problems.

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of course she always wins! her strength is in her weakness! we lose because we depend on her (and her husband's Sun) giving us life ... if we screw the source, then we're screwed ourselves too!

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And we are connecter to her so, we are her !:)