Arla Skyr by jurian kriebel
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Arla Skyr

Some BTS info: This photo was basically made out of two photos. First I shot the splash, which was just milk in a aquarium. It was just as simple as dropping the bottle in the milk and timing right. After I got the shot I wanted, I shot the bottle separately because I wanted the right lighting on it and of course it wasn't in the right angle in the original photo. I combined the two photos in photoshop and that's it.

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love the lighting and the splash! Would maybe prefer to see the whole bottle as you lose the distinctive shape when its part sunk in the milk, still a great image though

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Thanks a lot Mark! Had a few splashes which showed the whole bottle, but I kinda liked it wrapping around like this. Made it more part of the milk, and that was the idea. Appreciate the feedback!

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