"NONOY" by Kei Nemoto
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Photo story 9.09.2017
This is a first in a hopefully continuing personal project so bear with me. This is the third time we've visited sto. Nino basilica cebu and this is also the third time we've seen him. This time, we got to know him. Nonoy Salvador, 79, is a photographer that takes pictures in and around of sto. Nino of couples, friends, families, what have you. You can find his story here: https://www.google.com.ph/amp/cebudailynews.inquirer.net/32869/a-fathers...

A first for us is that a stranger we barely knew made us asked a question so mind boggling. What makes a good photographer? Is it a skillful composition? Proper gear? A studio? None of those matters. Passion. Yes. That's it. Anyone with a wealth of knowledge can create complex photos but this old timer, with his passion, has captured probably our most treasured photo today. What he gave us in return for the pay and the wait for the photo is a priceless gem that we will forever hold dear. Composition, eye line, rule of thirds, none of those matters. When you smile into his lens, you could feel his happiness doing what he does all these years. So if you get a chance to visit in sto. Nino shrine in cebu, do look for him. Have a photo taken. It's not about the pay but seeing what passion is.

50mm · f/6.3 · 1/800 sec at f / 6.3 · ISO 100
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