The long gaze by Éric Livernoche
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The long gaze

September 27, 2017

This one is from my latest shoot with Kayla, who's represented by Focus One Mannequins, in Québec.

Main light was a Profoto B1 in a beauty dish (high, camera right) and the fill was a B1 in a 39' deep Rotalux octabox (low, camera left).

Working with this girl, who dreams of being a psychologist, was a charm, as she had a lot of talent and much to say (I love to talk with shooting, don't you? XD).

Comments are most welcomed!

f/8 · 1/160 · ISO 100
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Paul Rigby's picture

Love the look and the hair in motion. Nice touch.
However, in the enlarged image, two small bright spots under her right eye are very distracting - could they be removed?

Éric Livernoche's picture

Hey Paul! Thank you for taking the time to vote and comment on my picture. I really appreciate feedback. The two small bright spots are actually little stars glued by the make-up artist under Kayla’s right eye. I admit they just look like two white dots from the angle the photo was taken, and could be removed. I’ll upload some other pictures where you can actually see the stars, tonight or later this week. TY again, and cya!