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November 9, 2017

Former figure skater turned cosplayer, Karli Woods demonstrating how to be flexible while maintaining the bad ass. Shot against fashion grey paper.

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Very nice! So the whole background is paper?

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Superbly executed David! Great Job!

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great work

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Very cinematic, great job David.

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Is she comfortable like this? Doesn't seem like a natural pose:-) But I can practice :-))

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I was thinking about the meaning behind it

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This is a variation of a Kung Fu Wushu Pu Bu stance. It is quite comfortable when practiced and provides a low angle of attack in many Kung Fu offensive and defensive actions. Once the practitioner has become limber and balanced, they can spin, roll, leap from this stance quite quickly. But, the reality of it all is... it just looks HOT when she does it.