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I was contacted by the model who wanted to do a shoot involving paint. She's had a rough year and was feeling stale and unmotivated, so she thought a creative project would help.

I knew I wanted to do more than just paint her different colors, or throw paint around since I've seen a lot of similar concepts already. After sketching out a few ideas and browsing the internet for inspiration I thought it'd be cool if she was wearing or undressing the paint.

The production was straight forward. I painted her legs completely and had her pose. Then I had her pour the paint from the bucket while standing on a ladder. The shots I got from that served as color and lighting references for when I would later paint in the "dress" in Photoshop.

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Absolutely love the concept - I didn't expect the paint to be so shiny! (I read the text while the image loaded!) The dress is awesome especially where it hits the floor. For me though, it looks just too neat and cut off where it meets the body. However it is a great concept, beautifully lit and executed...

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Great image. I think the "neatness" of the edge of the paint makes me look even closer and try to work out how you created the image. Thanks for the details.

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Very cool. Great job.