Eclipse by Michael Shainblum

An abstract image of Sand Dunes, taken at Death Valley National Park.

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Adithetos Μελουργός's picture

Really... Do you have any bad photo?!!! :/ :)

Deleted Account's picture

Do you honestly think he would post them? :-)

Adithetos Μελουργός's picture

hahaha of course, not !!! ;)
But i want to see something, i wondering how close (maybe) i am in that! :D

Deleted Account's picture

There was a well known photographer, I can't remember, who said they're (pro's) hit rate wasn't a lot better than most people. Their hits might be better but they threw away a LOT of bad shots. :-)

Michael Shainblum's picture

I have many many many terrible shots. Probably about 90% of what I shoot people will never see. But thanks so much! :)