Concrete Jungle by ulysses dimdam
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Concrete Jungle

December 11, 2017

New York skyline shot from New Jersey side.

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Matthias Dengler's picture

Did you just mirror the top part and apply a directional motion blur??

ulysses dimdam's picture

Yeap. I did not get any interesting outcome on the reflections so I thought of just mirroring the photo.

Ryan Mense's picture

That's awesome. Nice work!

ulysses dimdam's picture

Thank you very much Ryan

Dallas Dahms's picture

I would like to see the mirrored image without the blur. I think that would be more interesting. The thumbnail got my attention because of the reflection, but then looking at the enlargement the blur on the reflection left me wanting.

GI PAMPERIEN's picture

Quality above and beyond

ulysses dimdam's picture

Thank you very much!!!

Anonymous's picture

Gorgeous shot!

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