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At first glance yo'd think we applied so much makeup or body paint on this stunning model but you'd be surprised that all of it is Photoshop. I like to take the image and push it even further, if possible, in post. In this case I loved the blue gel that we used and during editing, after doing minor tweaks, my gut said ADD MORE COLOR! This is strange considering that my preferred and everyday color palette is black, gray, with maybe a little color.

After battling color options I was finally satisfied with the balance I used. The hair, eye makeup, lipstick, and body paint were all added using different blending modes in Photoshop.

As I always like to say 'Imagination has no limits'

105mm · f/11 · ISO 200
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Great shot, and stunning model too.

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Thank you Dave I greatly appreciate the feedback!

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Outstanding Nohemi thanks for sharing .

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Im dying in envy. I wish I could do this. You should post a tutorial.