Evening light by Iiro Rautiainen
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Evening light

This year I'm trying to achieve even more natural light vibes with strobes. Here I tried to do evening light to add some mood.

Godox AD600 + Broncolor Para 133 camera right
Godox AD200 with barn doors + orange gel just outside of the frame camera right

58mm · f/8.0 · 1/160s · ISO 100
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Deleted Account's picture

Very nice but the ring, catch light kind of ruins the look.

Francis Panes's picture

To me, I kinda like it. That ring light adds the effect. Yes, it can be removed with Photoshop, but it might be ruined the natural.

Stephen Glass's picture

I think it's not a ring but the Broncolor dialed in that way. I wish I had a Para 133. I love this look!

Deleted Account's picture

Oh! I had no idea you could do that or even why you would want to.

Dirk Jutzas's picture

Solid photo, just not sure about the ring catch light.