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January 16, 2018

Thank you Fstoppers, for choosing this photo as Editor's Pick.

It was photographed on white seamless with Profoto D2 strobes and two medium deep white umbrellas (camera left and right) pointed at the backdrop. High power setting ensured that the white backdrop got overexposed, creating a pleasant backlight and silhouetting the contours of her body. Fabric was carefully draped to ensure the end result remained tasteful without interrupting her outline. We would normally keep her hair down, but in this case, the neckline and shoulders look more elegant when exposed. Post processing was minimal (removal of light stands and increasing contrast).

This Mom-to-be was a real tropper in the studio, and stood frozen while we finessed the pose, fabric, and her hands.

70mm · f/8 · 1/200 · ISO 100
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lovely shot

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A really well thought out image along with great technique....

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Beautiful image!

Studio 403's picture

Lovely and honest