Dwarfed by Marsel van Oosten
January 18, 2018

My first impulse is always to skip the iconic places, but I always end up going there anyway - they've become icons for a reason.

The magnificent waterfall Skógafoss is one those icons. It drops 60 meters over a green cliff and is fed by melting water from the glacier above it. Photographing it up close with a wide angle lens is virtually impossible, because the it produces a massive amount of water spray that has nowhere else to go but in your direction. I tried numerous times, but it was just too much. I therefore decided to position myself a bit further away from the falls with my 24-70.

I've not seen much direct sunlight in Iceland, but on my second visit to this location it was sunny one moment and heavy clouds the next, and vice versa. Usually I'm not a big fan of front light, but in this case it really helped to bring out the rainbow.

I waited for a dark patch of clouds to move into the background and asked Daniella, my wife, to walk to the falls to add some scale to the shot.

This is not a recent shot. We stopped running tours to Iceland at the start of the Chinese Invasion several years ago.

Marsel | squiver.com

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