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Orange Watch

This was a project for my portfolio. I used focus stacking method to achieve the high detail look. I personally very like dark, moody but vibrant photos.

200mm · f/11.0 · 1/125s · ISO 50
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Love this! Great lighting and detail. I'm not so keen on the way it fades off at the top/bottom and the dead space on the right feels a bit odd, but those are minor issues on an otherwise great image!

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Thank you for your comment and feedback Edward. I intentionally placed the watch on the side of the photo to create a bit different look. We all know those "in the middle of a frame" pictures.

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You're welcome! I should point out that I like the off-centre composition too, it just feels a touch too much without some other justification (like text from a magazine for example). It's sill easily in the excellent category to me.

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