Angie by David T
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February 14, 2018

Main Light is Broncolor Para 133.

Elinchrom RX-One with standard reflectors for the rim light.

Silver swimsuit/body by Club L (ASOS).

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Evan Kane's picture

Superb work, omg! :D

Deleted Account's picture

Nice, but that moiré O_o

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No AA Filter on the G9 :)

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Moiré can be easily removed with Photoshop and very easily removed with Lightroom :)

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Oh yeah, didn't know about the moire brush. Gonna start using that, thanks :)

Deleted Account's picture

You're welcome. You can use also use camera raw from Photoshop.
Or in Photoshop there is also this simple technique (but it does not always work well)