Walking the salt plains by Max Klein
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Walking the salt plains

Final result of a 12 image composition. This was shot on location in the salt plains of Jujuy, Argentina.
I only used a white reflector to illuminate the models face letting the white salty ground reflect light on the dress.
First i shot a 4 picture panorama of the background and then the model.
It was a bit tricky to get the shot of her as it was only the two of us that day. So i had to run back and forth to the camera that i had set on a 5 second interval shooting about 40 pictures of her throwing the dress around to get that movement.
After that i shot a couple of images of the bags on different angles and stitched everything together in photoshop.

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Thank you so much!

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Nice job !

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Thank you Stefan!

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Great! It could be a Pink Floyd album cover! Did you have more than one bag? Or just composite it?

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Thank you John!
Nope, just one bag! moved it around to get different angles and perspectives to later compose them together.

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