Portrait of the Artist (Mona Laffa) by Trevor Williams
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Portrait of the Artist (Mona Laffa)

This is a concept conceived for the cover of an upcoming issue of the Exclu Collective toy art magazine. The magazine will feature portraits of small-scale figures focusing on detailed sculpts.

I keep a growing collection of props and am constantly making or acquiring more as I need them. In this case, I had the small-scale frame and made the paint can in about twenty mins before shooting. As i thought about ideas for the cover, the idea of the Joker figure - a particularly detailed figure from my collection - as an artist instead of a subject appealed to me. In keeping with the dark humorous aspect of the character. He wouldn't be creating art but destroying it. And what better piece to add a Joker touch to than the Mona Lisa?

90mm · f/13 · 3.0 · ISO 100
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Very creative concept! I can definitely imagine seeing this scene in one of the Batman movies.