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This story revolves around the idea of being lost in familiar places, like the feeling of being a tourist in the hometown you grew up in. The helplessness of being trapped inside a mind that is difficult to navigate - difficult to make sense of the things people take for granted.

Model x Christina Jewell
Hair x Samantha Wilson
Mua x Anam Hussain
Stylist x Anam Hussain
Production Assistant x Jesse Fogel
Photography Assistant x Ezekiel Inocencio

28mm · f/11.0 · 1/320s · ISO 400
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Joseph Bishop's picture

Love the photo from first glance, but when I read your description it maked so much sense - to anyone who’s moved from a small town to a big city and then returned. Great work.

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Thanks Joseph! I'm glad it resonated with you :)

Dave McDermott's picture

There's so much to like about this. Great job.

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Thanks a bunch Dave! ^_^

Jason Bodden's picture

Gorgeous work.

Aleksandar Stajic's picture

With or without caption - it's a great shot

David Hynes's picture

many thanks Aleksandar! :)

Nicholas Mark's picture

Superb concept execellent realization