The Queen and I by Pedro Quintela
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The Queen and I

April 22, 2018
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Costas Ganasos's picture

Congrats on the Editors Pick Pedro!!! Well deserved my friend!!!! 🏆👍

Pedro Quintela's picture

Thank you so much, Costas! So nice to have you here as well!!

Tiago Sousa's picture

Great image my friend, congratulations!

Pedro Quintela's picture

Thanks a lot my friend and congrats on your choice as well!

Daniel Boavida's picture

Woderful Shoot Pedro, Regards ;)

Pedro Quintela's picture

Daniel I appreciate so much your words!
Best regards!! ;)

Ali Salem's picture

Superb shot Pedro, and very artful editing.

Pedro Quintela's picture

Thank you so much for your kindness, Ali!

Pedro Quintela's picture

Really appreciate your positive feedback!

Bruce Girault's picture


Pedro Quintela's picture

Thank you so much!

Ethan Davis's picture

Hi great image, how come there is so much shade within the foreground where the sun should be hitting? Is it just a powerful vignette to draw the eye to the centre? Either way beautiful image.

Pedro Quintela's picture

Sometimes I love to use vignette to enhance my images and here you have one of those examples.
Thank you for your interest!

Peter Greenwood's picture

Lovely shot Pedro... Congrats :)

Pedro Quintela's picture

I appreciate it very much! Thanks a lot, Peter! ;)

Asoka Edussooriya's picture

this is awesome!

Pedro Quintela's picture

Thanks so much for your positive feedback!

Stephen Clough's picture

Stunning work!!! Congrats!

Pedro Quintela's picture

Really appreciated! Thanks a lot, Stephen!