The Boss by Mario Olvera
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The Boss

Another composite for the campaign for AORI. Each character was illuminated separately and the background aswell, then the elements where composed. I had to copy and flip the scree from the right to add some symmetry to the shot. I wanted to go with some epic but elegant lighting with a cinematic mood :)

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Ralf von Samson's picture

It seems to me, that the light on left person is to harsh...

Mario Olvera's picture

Thanks Ralf! I appreciate the feedback!

Manos Alexakis's picture

How did you edit the photo? I mean, the way the skin looks is awsome!
A grafic designer here!

(I dont mean the lighing!, do you smooth the skin?)

Mario Olvera's picture

Hey man! Thank you for the comment! I used frequency separation to retouch the skin and it is because the lighting aswell that looks that smooth!