“The time to leave has come” - week 2/52 by Jolien Roos
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“The time to leave has come” - week 2/52

July 22, 2014

This is my second week of my 52weeks project. This picture really reflects how I’m feeling lately. I need to make some radical decisions, but I’m afraid. Whatever I’m going to decide, I know that it’s going to have a major impact on my later life. In my hart I know that I want to move on, try new things, get amazed by a bright new world, learn new things and improve myself,… But something is holding me down. That something is ‘fear’. Fear to make the wrong decision. I know I have to overcome that fear but it’s not that easy. Making this picture was a little bit of therapy for me. It helped me to arrange my feelings and thoughs. But I’m not there yet.

Great thanks to my grandma for letting me use one of her rooms for this and being so enthousiastic about it.

And thanks to everyone who is taking the time to watch my work, I really appreciate it and I hope you’ll enjoy!

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Amazing shot and an even better story!

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Thank you!

Nasser Ali's picture

Great concept! Well done.

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Thanks! :-)