The Powers of Earth by Jean Claude Castor
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The Powers of Earth

The magical moment when the sun rises over the active volcano of the Bromo Tengger National Park...stunning and impressive. Nothing more to add...

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This deserves a 5-star rating all the way!

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oh that is so nice of you to say :) glad you like it osase !!

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Love the contrast of the green and brown, and also the texture is brilliant. I maybe would of gone wider? You may lose the focus on the texture then however. The blue haze in the back is slightly over powering but that's nature for you :D 4 rating from me :)

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thank you for your critics ethan :) appreciate it !!

Jean Claude Castor's picture

thanks for all your lovely comments and votings :) glad you like it ! it was hard to get some sweet shots since we had three weeks of heavy rainfalls and bad weather :/