Insomniac's Dream by Chris Fry
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Insomniac's Dream

July 22, 2014

I believe about 11 photos in total were used. I have a very difficult time falling asleep at night. Some nights I lay in bed for several hours because I actually start sleeping. But once I have waken up on the morning, I have a very difficult time recalling my dreams. Even if it is the first thing I try to think of when I wake up. Late one night around 2 A.M. when I was laying in bed, attempting to fall asleep, I notice the strange light color and patterns coming in through my window. So I got up and over the next few hours, I ran back and forth with a self timer trying to capture the light and myself naturally sleeping. After I saw this picture I started to think of how dreams work. Because I rarely experience them, I had to make up my own concept. To me, I feel that there are several different dream worlds that our unconscious can choose to enter. We enter this out of body experience where we choose which world we want to enter. Multi layer photoshop composition. Every element was photographed by myself. No stock photography used

Canon 5d Mk ii
50mm · f/11 · ISO 100
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