S T A R - T R A I L by Tanmoy Roy
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S T A R - T R A I L

photographed at bandhunagar,siliguri with my 2 brother.This is my First image on astro photography.I had to stay there for 2.30 hrs. and the people of the village thought that there is a film shoot going on and they came to me and contineously asked that what i'm gonna do with this picture? how will they find this image?..It was just horrible.Answering there question and keep focus on work at the same time sounds really hard to me.I was exhausted.There was also a lot of surroundings lights from the highway.I was worried that the stars might get fade because of those lights But at last i came up with this trail shot.My hard work pays me back with this.really happy with my first astro image,super pumped hope you guys like it too...

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