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Incheon Rain

My style of photography is transformed once the rain starts falling. The city lights and neon signs bounce off any reflective surface transforming the city in to a wash of neon colours. This particular night the rain was falling hard, the perfect amount to have neon signs run from the tops of buildings on to the wet road below and to capture a moment like this.

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Ryan Mense's picture

Nice! I dig the yellow and blue look.

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Thank you very much Ryan!

Anonymous's picture

Awesome image.

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Thanks a lot :)

David Glazebrook's picture

Very cinematic lighting and post processing. Something quite distopic about the image like you'd find in BladeRunner or the likes.

Steve Roe's picture

Thank you! Blade Runner is my biggest influence so it's awesome that you noticed.

Jon Miller's picture

saw your comment after I had made mine, yes very Blade Runner like.

Christian Novak's picture

Great colors, very nice!

Jon Miller's picture

love this almost a Blade Runner image.

Deleted Account's picture

Blade Runner vibes