"Gjöll"  - #2 by João Leite
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"Gjöll" - #2


The person I had been in love for more than 5 years decided to abandon me on my birthday.
She used to be always at my side. When I was admitted in a psychiatric hospital, not much after we had started dating, she always kept fighting for me. After I left the hospital I decided that it was best for me to be alone, but only 3 weeks later I had a stroke, which I don’t remember what really had happen to me neither the days I spent in the hospital for recovery, but I remember that when I left the hospital, she was there for me again, and we’ve been together for 5 years ever since.

She used to write me a letter for each day of the week we were not together, to make me drawings, to be my inspiration to keep living, to keep smiling.
I did not always had the best behavior towards our relationship, but I think I was trying to fix my mistakes in the end, but everything else was getting worse and worse, but I never stopped loving her.
She was my first love, my first kiss, my first intercourse, she was my soulmate…

But I guess I’m not part of the rest of her story anymore…
It’s amazing how everything can change so drastically, so quickly, so harshly.
It’s so sad to live in this mad world full of lies…

“Imagine we wake up tomorrow and nothing's happened. Think of what we'll never know. One night of love in a month full of doubt. Take my hand. Take my tongue. Let's run. Tonight can be a detour, a respite. I'm your busman's holiday, your much deserved night off. I'm your sensual sejourn. My heart could be a stone, my heart could be a sponge. This is the end. Ten years in the making, a decade of design. This kiss is Hello. This kiss is Goodbye.”

Yann Tiersen - Meteorites

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