Alpine Ibex by Daniel Eichleitner
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Alpine Ibex

June 27, 2018

This image was taken at "Forca dei Disteis", the last ridge during the ascent to mount "Montasio" (2754m) located in the Italian parts of the Julian alps.

I wanted to position myself right at the edge of the ridge, looking into the sunset and at mount "Jof di Miez" located in the center of the frame. I've been at this spot before, so I also knew the image would be framed between two rockwalls with a bunch of leading lines running into the center of the frame.
The Forca dei Disteis is located at the western face of "Montasio" with a steep drop of 1600m called "Clapadorie Canyon". I personally feel that this is also a strong element in the composition. You can't actually see the drop in the lower right corner, but even without knowing, you can feel that this "lack of foreground" might have something to do with the vast landscape.
At that very day I finally had the right weather and light conditions, so I hiked up and set up my camera. When I was ready to get into position, this curious alpine ibex positioned perfectly in the frame.

39mm · f/11 · 1/200 · ISO 100
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Yes... the ibex makes this shot more vivid.