Let your dreams take you away... by Miguel Dirane
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Let your dreams take you away...

July 2, 2018

Story behind this shot

1 - everything started on a small paper...looking for some ideas on the internet, finding the best location (Not an easy task lol), needs for a personal assistant (Murielle Y're the best), checking my gear and equipments..

2 - After 03 days i finally got an idea of what i want and i found a good location ... Time to plan everything (Composition, lighting...) I was sooo excited lol

3- My 1st day on location was a total failure..My memory card was damaged!! Unable to format it looool..128Gb memory card in trash lol

4 - One week later after buying memory cards...Me on location with my personal assistant and humanoid light stand(Murielle) ..Everything worked perfectly and we started shooting..

*I'm at the same time model and photographer

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