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Please don't steal my picture.

This is a single image taken after 3 failed attempts over 4 days to reach the destination on time and take the picture before the shadow of the dune behind me retracts, leaving a band of harsh light over the edge of the clay pan. This spoils the "surreal" effect I wanted and lightens up the trees too much. .
Day one, I had to scout the location and calculate the precise moment of sunrise. I also had to work out the angle of the shot and the lens I was going to use in order to get the perfect compression of depth of field.
Day two, I arrived too late. Enough said.
Day three, there were other tourists in the way and I had to abort my mission.
Day four, everything just came together perfectly. I arrived ahead of time, found my spot, the whole area was clear of other tourists and I "sniped" a single image.
Canon 7D with Sigma 120-400mm 1:4.5-5.6 lens at 120mm. Handheld 1/30 sec f16.

120mm · f/16.0 · 1/30s · ISO 100
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