Dare in the Woods_3of3 by Daniel Lightfoot
Daniel Lightfoot's picture

Dare in the Woods_3of3

July 20, 2018

Model: @playmatedare
Location: Winter Springs, FL

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Graeme Darling's picture

The right 50% of the image does nothing go for a crop stop the eye wandering off into the background finding the distractions. Good focus on model throughout - like it

Daniel Lightfoot's picture

Thanks, Graeme. Yeah, I was trying to rely solely on the geometry between her arm and the branch she's holding to guide the eye to her. But I think you're right. Thanks for the feedback!

Bill Lemon's picture

The image is fine the way it is, Has a story to it....

Kerry Roberts's picture

I also think the crop is perfect. Ask 100 "photographers" and you will get a 100 different opinions. Keep doing your own thing. Outstanding image.