My Kirkjufell by Celso Mollo
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My Kirkjufell

July 25, 2018

Kirkjufell in Iceland is one of the most sought after spots for landscape photographers all over the world, so much so that some contest don't even consider pictures from this spot any longer.
I have a different opinion about landscape photography, mainly for beginners and even avid amateurs, I encourage people to visit these spots and have their own experience, their own photograph to hang in their wall and claim as their own version of that place. When you hang one of your own photos you do so along with all the memories from that place, stories about that specific trip, and although we are talking about the same place, no story is the same.
This is my version, what is yours?

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Derek Brawdy's picture

Well Said.

Ryan Mense's picture

I think it's a beautiful thing that photographers from all over the world have a connected experience with making images at the exact same spot.

Gregory Thanos's picture

Great capture! I like a lot the different time of the year that you chose to photograph Kirkjufell. The beautiful contrasted grass with the blue at the sky works great!