Inception by Costas Ganasos
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A beautiful sunrise by the city of Haarlem in the Netherlands.

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Thank you Mahmoud!

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Beautiful, indeed!

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Thank you Sascha!

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Awesome long exposure shot. beautiful

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Thank you very much John!!!

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Love your whole portfolio. Awesome work.

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Appreciate your support John! Thank you!!!

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The motion of the clouds really draw me into the picture

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Thank you very much!!!

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stunning photographic imagery Costas

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Thank you very much Andrew! I appreciate your support!

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you are welcome Costas

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Awesome work!

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Gorgeous shot! I am interested to know what the settings were used for this photo.

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Thank you! Iso 100, f/13, 48 sec, 16mm

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This is truly spectacular. Was it a composite? I only ask because the windmill was not moving. Either way, good job.

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Hi there. No it's not a composite. The windmill was simply not moving. Thank you for your kind words!

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Very nice! I immediately recognized it as a Dutch town :) Great composition with the reflection! Did you add the motion blur of the clouds in post or is it a long exposure? Either way I like the effect.

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Hoi Bas. Ik had een Lee Big stopper voor deze shoot gebruikt. Sluitertijd was iets van 47 seconden.😉