Adina by Simchy Zuckerman
130mm · f/2.8 · 1/160s · ISO 200
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Anonymous's picture

Beautiful shot!

Simchy Zuckerman's picture

Thanks man!

Randy Budd's picture

Excellent light and DOF.

Ticho Ooms's picture

Very beautiful picture and editing!

How did you retouch the skin, as it is not as smooth as skin without freckles in terms of color. (I'm thinking frequency separation could make it messy) My sisters and I have freckles as well, so it could be helpful to know!

Simchy Zuckerman's picture

thank you!
Basically I used the cloning tool with opacity set to 100% and flow to about 12%
otherwise if it would be a close up with much more detail I would do the frequency separation.

Win Mag's picture

awesome shot man! is the model the same with the one wearing blue?

Simchy Zuckerman's picture

thank you! yup same model.

Anonymous's picture

Fantastic image!

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D'Artagnan Winford's picture

How did you get that tone. I love this look!

edgardo ramirez's picture

Ohhh nice, 7D? LOL, Fantastic HD picture.