Another $#%&&^ Marine by Cliff Lawson
Cliff Lawson's picture

Another $#%&&^ Marine

One from my on-going veteran project

105 · f/8 · 1/200 @ f/8 · ISO 200
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Dan Lubbers's picture

I really love this portraiture! Great job!

David Joseph's picture

Luv it! Could you give a few more details about the lighting used?

Cliff Lawson's picture

Sure. Light are P Buff Einsteins (not that the brand matters), Camera right is a 3x4 softbox. Camera Left is a 4x6 Larson silver reflector. and the hair light is a1x3 gridded softbox. just slightly behind and about 3 ft above. The background is lit with a 60" umbrella but he is extracted from THAT background. Background you see is a combination of some textures I have shot with a photo of a cloud in Soft Light Blend Mode.

The key is metered at f/8.0. The other exposures are varied by eye, I have a BTS image of the setup but I don't know how to place that in a response.

Studio 403's picture

Well done. Realism and perspective , killer.

Trait D'olympe's picture

Very well done. I really like this portrait.

Michael Woods's picture

Excellent portrait! Well lit image with great detail and background separation. Would like to see more of the right side of the photo (subject's elbow is out of the frame). I love the theme of your project.

dale clark's picture

Thanks so much for the photos. I love the fact you did not over beautify the skin during editing. I'm so sick of seeing "older" people in executive portraits, etc that look like a funeral home make up artist got to them. This one of the best portraits I have seen for a long time. You do wonderful work!!!

Linda Troski's picture

Nice work

Steven Woodburn's picture

Nice work! Do you finish your shots with some kind of clarity?

Cliff Lawson's picture

There are quire a few steps to get this look, but yes, I employ a relatively low level of Topaz Clarity using the Precision Contrast sliders. Just use the top two at about 40-50 on the top one and half that on the slider below it.. It is not done at the finish but much earlier. I also will use Topaz Adjust to bring out the texture of the leather jacket and the wood on the chair.

Kim Jenssen's picture

Great Job in this image !

Cliff Lawson's picture

Thank you. He was a joy to work with.

Tomas Fredriksson's picture

Good job. I am going to try to replicate it. Do like the lighting of the face