Misty River by Jessica Scott
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Misty River

September 19, 2018

Single shot with my Sony a7rii with the Zeiss 16-35mm f/4.
There is a funny story behind this photo so it evokes a strong emotion with me, hence it is one of my favourite shots.
I was on my way to a realestate shoot when I couldn't help but stop to capture the thick fog, unfortunately while climbing down the bank to get a waters edge shot, I slipped and ended up breaking my hand and seriously hurting my back, after lying on the wet rocks for a few minutes contemplating the situation I had got myself into I looked at my camera which was flashing "NO CARD" so utterly infuriated at myself I managed the climb back up the bank to my car retrieve my card and then much more carefully climb back down because I was not going through all of that without getting the photo I came for!
I had a hard time putting this in a category I was going to go for landscape but I feel it falls more into the fine art category, as the landscape is covered by the fog.

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