B&W by Ivo de Kok
September 20, 2018
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Reni Sz's picture

So amazing!

Ken Savage's picture


greg thomason's picture

The lighting and tones are exceptional, Ivo. Well done!

Silva Jorge's picture

Perfect! love it ;)

Mo Kwart's picture

Wonderful portrait. Can I ask about your light source?

Ivo de Kok's picture

Thanks Mo! I used Profoto 7a 2400w pack. One head with a Photek umbrella close to the modell for the soft light and one head with a grid for the background.

Jared Wolfe's picture

Man, this perfect. Great lighting. Great subject. Excellent retouch.

Ivo de Kok's picture

Thank you, Jared! :-)

Kristopher Carter's picture

Wow! This is beautiful

Sebastian Schmidt's picture

Looks like young Pierre Brice (Europeans know him).