Bend - Don't Break by Compelling Imaging
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Bend - Don't Break

October 8, 2018

I got up early on my day off this morning to get some hiking and photography done in the fog! I was up at 5AM to get on location as the sun rose so that I could make sure I had plenty of time to shoot before the cloud layer lifted (sidenote: I had wayyy more time than I needed). This park has been a go-to lately for compositions in the fog and I still don't think I have fully exhausted all of them yet!
The last several months of practicing composition in forests have really helped my eye find more hidden images. The fog makes things a ton easier though I must admit. The other thing that makes me so excited to photograph forests is my Fujifilm X-T2 and its film-like color presets. I do enjoy playing around with those in post-production and in the field to see what looks best in each environment.
Anyways, I think I got a couple of good images today and got some exercise while at it! :)

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