Maybry Mill by Frank Davis
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Maybry Mill

October 15, 2018

Along the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia is Mabry Mill, probably one of the most photographed spots on the East Coast. This is my take... the reflection in the pond.
f/5.6 1/400 iso 1600 125mm D700 Nikon 80-200 2.8

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Shane Smith's picture

Love the effect Red! 4⭐️s from me😃

Frank Davis's picture

Thanks! This mill is so photographed you sometimes have to fight for position to get a shot. I wanted to do something different!

Shane Smith's picture

Well you certainly have achieved that Red. So am I right thinking that this is the reflection on the water and you just turned the photo upside down OR is this an effect you did in photoshop or somewhere. Either way I love it :)

Frank Davis's picture

Reflection on the water flipped and flopped left to right to appear as it would if shot normally!

Shane Smith's picture

Thought so, great idea, I love the effect :)

Dora Artemiadi's picture

Beautiful picture of the reflection and really different approach!

Frank Davis's picture

Thank you Dora, this mill is so photographed you have to try something different to set your photo apart from the rest.