Spirit of the Forest by David Byrd
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Spirit of the Forest

October 18, 2018


You're zoomed into the document, painting details, focusing on pixels rather than the over-all image. That shadow needs to be adjusted, that highlight is too strong. Where is that color coming from, how do I blend it - should I blend it. You get tired, you get lost, your mind is so focused on a million little details and then you hit Control-0 and zoom out to take in the whole piece and your breath freezes in your lungs in absolute joy.

That moment is so rare for me, but when it happens I take the time to give thanks for the abilities that I have and the gifts I have been given. I am so grateful to be able to create. This piece of art makes my heart swell with pride and joy and I hope it catches your eyes too :)

This image was captured from my recent weekend adventure in Wisconsin hosted by a mentor and now friend, Dan Frievalt. Also now a friend, artist and designer that I deeply admire, Rachel Frank. This image features the new to the modeling scene talent of the stunningly beautiful Cassi Dorff who has a smile that will knock you on the floor and eyes that you can lose your soul in. Cassi - you truly have an amazing presence on camera and I want to see you make the most of it. I still wouldn't cast you as the villain, but pretty much anything else is a go ;)

So friends: "The Spirit of the Forest"

Model: Cassi Dorff
Designer/HMUA: Rachel Frank
Hosted by: Dan Frievalt
Photography and Photoshop art: Reality Reimagined

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